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20 sets biomass steam boilers was sent to Mexico

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-04-14      Origin: Site

20 sets biomass steam boilers was sent to Mexico

1. Adopting negative pressure combustion method, unique primary air heating and secondary air combustion-assist configuration, make the combustion completely and no black smoke. The main body is arranged with multiple backhauls, the structure is compact, the heating surface is sufficient, and the pressure is very fast.



2. The water capacity is less than 30L, without the need for approval and inspection. The equipment adopts a fully automatic microcomputer control system, and the voltage is clear at a glance, which truly achieves the double insurance of the body control safety and the combustion system control safety.



3. The new water film dust collector and energy saver are integrated to greatly reduce the temperature of the flue gas and improve the thermal efficiency.



4. The whole machine leaves the factory for easy installation.

Overall picture, same on both sides (2)

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