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(1) The company strictly in accordance with maintenance procedures and operating procedures to ensure the maintenance of quality maintenance.

(2) Strict quality parts, to eliminate the use of counterfeit parts and scrap parts.

(someone on duty 24 hours to 3*24 hours. The maintenance workshop and the front desk reception holiday do not rest, protect the user to repair with the establishment of repair system, set up repair team in time, can arrange at any time to determine the rush repair time at the scene.

(4) Strictly enforce the industry standard and our company's charging standard, do not exaggerate the trouble, and stop the unauthorized collection of fees.

(5) Foreign customers remote fault diagnosis technology, troubleshooting, need prompt mail parts. Self repair of our foreign customers will rush to your machine troubleshooting, and strive to complete 48 hours of maintenance.

(6) All the machines are repaired by our company that will carry out the warranty. In the warranty period. If the quality of the repair or the quality of the replacement parts have problems, our company will be responsible for the repair.

(7) Our company does good deeds, smile to each customer, sincerely let customers, rest assured, reassuring, comfortable.

(8) End of the boiler installation, technical supervision department approval date, host boiler and boiler room auxiliary life-long maintenance; The company commissioning, maintenance personnel year-round service to users. Our company set up a special sales service department. The center staff answered the phone within 12 hours after receiving the phone call, and started the problem at the fastest speed within forty-eight hours.

(9) Our company has special spare parts and spare parts warehouse, long-term supply of users to provide vulnerable parts and spare parts in the use of boilers; at any time to provide users with boiler operation, management technical services and consulting.

(10) "Pin a boiler, the construction of a demonstration project, make friends, to open up a market" is our persistent business philosophy, Henan SwetBoiler CO. LTD will be high technology, high-quality products, reasonable price, offers a full range of services for users to strict management to ensure the quality of products, quality service to win customer satisfaction .The company established a perfect system of advisory services, comprehensive pre-sale, sale, customer service service, make the products and services goING hand in hand.

(11) "The user's needs are our pursuit" is our eternal service tenet.

(12) "Pay attention to customers, pursue excellence" is our eternal idea.

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