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Installation & Adjustment

Our company to install and maintain as the production and then continue, has become the industry's leading professional installers, professional maintenance.Company has 1 level of installation qualification, 17 installation project departments, more than 400 people install the team. It is the largest in industry .
 Matters Need Attention

01.Need to pay attention to the following matters for loading and unloading process.

A. Lifting equipment capacity should be matched with the weight of the boiler.

B. Boiler with not lifting lug can not be used as a mark for lifting.

C. Reasonably selecting the length of wire rope, avoiding the length of wire rope is not appropriate, causing the furnace body scratch.

D. It must be insured that the boiler does not be suffered any damage during loading and unloading.

02.Reservation of maintenance space

The installation of boiler ensure that there is enough space around the maintenance.


03.Boiler base, base set and the matters needing attention

A. Boiler body should be installed on the base of 100-150mm above the boiler room, and must be confirmed with the technical staff of the boiler manufacturing company in advance, and the construction shall be carried out according to the basic drawing.

B. The pre embedded hole of anchor bolts must be set aside.

C. It must be able to endure the boiler and keep the maximum weight of water.

D. The base installation reference line for marking.

01.Water Supply System

A. Water flow rate should be greater than the total rated evaporation of boiler. The water pressure required to meet the range of 1.8kgf/c square meters 5.0kgf/c square meters.

B. Raw water temperature needs to be controlled in the range of 4-35 C, if not within this range ,it will cause low capacity, the components are easy to damage.

C. From the raw water through the softened water tank to the feed water pump between the pipe, it can be used GB/T3091/ASTM low pressure liquid delivery galvanized steel pipe.

D. Water supply valve brand is be required by the construction unit to confirm.

E. It need to set the drain cock in icy water in winter areas, and is installed in the lower part of the pipe.

02.Combustion System

In accordance with the local regulations for construction (the original boiler room of gas pipeline have been installed).

The pipe can be connected by threaded wire, such as the local fire department must adopt the method of welding connection. The construction is carried out according to the instructions of the fire department. The piping between the main pipe and the boiler using disturbance tube. (fire regulations requirements) It must be fixed solid fuel piping, to prevent vibration. And must being strict inspection to prevent fuel leakage. Gas leakage alarm should be set up in gas boiler.

03.Installation of Steam Piping System

1. The steam piping is composed of the steam outlet of the boiler to the cylinder to the steam pipe used by the heat user.

2. Steam pipe installation shall be 0.002 of the slope.

3. Check valve must be installed horizontally.

4. The steam pipe arrangement should be considered on the pipeline thermal expansion and pipe insulation.

5. Pipe and valve accessories materials, specifications, models, quality should comply with the provisions of the design document, according to the national standard for appearance inspection, unqualified person can not be used.

6. All kinds of pressure valve must be tested before the shell pressure test, its test pressure shall not be less than 1.5 times the nominal pressure. The test pressure of the tightness test is 1.25 times of the nominal pressure, the test medium is clean water, the time is not less than 5 minutes, the shell and filler are no leakage, and the records are qualified.

7. The supervisor should be placed well according to the plane layout, according to the process design drawings. The minimum bending radius of the elbow should be more than 1.5DW, and the straight section of the inlet and outlet of the main body shall be no less than 500mm.

8. Pipeline material by 20# (GB8163) seamless steel pipe, and the corresponding material certificate; lines should be connected by welding, the use of threaded connection is not allowed; pressurized components must use plane welding steel flanges PN1.6Mpa welding, sealing pad with PN1.6Mpa metal wound gasket. The pressure gauge should be qualified in check, side installation. The sewage pipe must be fixed, and lead to outdoor safety or sewage pool. Pipeline layout should be reasonable, beautiful, the operation and disassembly of valve and instrument must be convenient; the lowest point of the pipeline must be equipped with blowdown valve.

9. Boiler safety accessories: installation of thermometer, liquid level meter, pressure gauge, should make the scale disk vertical plane; The best draw the maximum allowable working pressure and the maximum temperature (pressure gauge line considering flexible rotation, no oil leakage, oil pressure gauge should be smooth); tube insulation. After installation, check and record well.

04.Steam manifold

The steam distribution cylinder should be installed in the boiler room, and the steam from the main steam outlet of the boiler will enter the steam distribution cylinder first, and then the steam pipes on the steam distribution cylinder will be transported to each use place.

05.Safety Valve Line

1.If the trachea should be extended out to the outside, It should consider changing the safety valve, in the safety valve outlet must use live pipe section or flange. To prevent the rain and other fluid intrusion into the trachea.

2.The fixed pipeline can take the ceiling lifting, the side wall of the support, U etc. according to the actual situation of the hoop.

3. The end of the trachea toward the place without danger please.

06.Discharge pipe

1.The connection part and the main discharge piping, piping expansion in order to absorb the heat expansion caused by emissions, the first and the main discharge piping along the same direction of bending, and in good debugging and the main discharge piping connect piping.

2.Toward the direction of piping trench to form a certain angle.

3.The main discharge pipe that extends to the end of the main drain pipe sometimes releases when the reaction force is released, so the main discharge pipe is fixed near the trench.

4.The replacement of a higher likelihood of discharge tube, so we want to exchange good on the outside.

5.The end of the main discharge pipe, please do not extend to the sewer below the water surface, in addition, please take measures in construction, to prevent the discharge water splashing around.

07.Injection Device

1. Drug injection device is each disposed in the vicinity for the boiler feed water pump.

2.Parallel injection device of power supply and power boiler feedwater pump.

3.Drug injection device for a random matching plastic hose, the hose connected to the boiler feed water pump inlet or outlet.

08.Welding Construction Technology

1. Welding materials:
L electrode: J422, specifications: diameter 3.2mm, diameter 2.5 mm; 2 hours of electrode drying temperature 105 - 10 Deg. C, drying time, heat preservation after use, and good insulation drying record. L tubing: 20 (GB 8163) 133 x 5.0mm Phi 45 x 3.5mm

2.Grinding machine pipe port processing into "V" groove, angle 70 ±5 degrees, blunt edge 1mm, as shown on the right.

3.Welding methods: ITU argon welding; welding AC welder; current 80~140A, voltage 32~38V.

4. Before welding, the welding surface and inner wall 100mm should be cleaned up oil and rust, and check whether there are cracks, interlayers and defects.

5.Welding should take place, wind rain and lightning protection measures.

6.The welding parts should be done with the inner wall flush, the wrong side welding should not exceed 10% of the wall thickness.Butt end should be perpendicular to the center line of the pipe, the end tilt deviation should not be greater than 1% of the outer diameter of the pipe.

7.Welding arc should be in the groove and back arc method, not in the pressure components and pipe outside welding position arc.

8.Special attention should be paid to joint and end the quality of weld joint two layers should be staggered, the rear can be second layer welding inspection.

9.When the butt joint of the pipe is welded, four point welding of the outer diameter of the diameter of 133 mm and 159 mm is used, and the length of the fixed welding is 10 mm; If the welding is in place, the welding must be removed.

10.The weld after welding, the welding slag, spatter clean from weld 50mm marked the welder code seal (seal number and vertical weld).

11.The welding of all the pressure piping shall be carried out on site by the welder with the corresponding qualification item. Weld appearance inspection qualified, sampling 10% for X ray radiographic flaw detection, its quality is not lower than grade II film qualified. Inspection after passing to the hydraulic pressure test; unqualified welding joints must be repaired, if still not qualified for the second rework repair work after welding repair project, responsibility audit, quality assurance total responsibility for approval to repair, testing in the same way after repair. Only three repairs are allowed in the same seam. (weld location and X ray inspection record position.

09.Installation of Electrical Control and Instrument

1. Before installation, check whether the outer surface of the electric control cabinet is touched or not, and whether the internal components and lines are damaged or disorderly.

2, Instrument and electrical control, wire and catheter cabinet set is completed without damage.

3, According to the process of construction plans in place, according to the drawings and specifications require the installation of wiring box shell grounding.

4, Installation, after inspection in absolute insulation and security, it can send electrical debugging.

10.Hydrostatic test

In all the equipment, pipeline valves and instruments after installation, in addition to a soft water tank, oil tank should be carried out daily, boiler and steam piping system, the company in the QC inspector's pressure test self record. After the self qualification approval. Before the water pressure test, the furnace and steam pipeline should be air blown, and the air velocity should not be less than 20m/s during the air blowing process.

When there is no smoke and dust in the visual exhaust, the aluminum target plate should be set at the end of the exhaust port of the pipeline for 5 minutes. If there is no rust, dust, moisture and other debris on the target plate, it is qualified.

1. The manual pressure pump to the boiler and steam pipe slowly pressurized to the boiler working pressure of 50% (0.625Mpa), stop the booster. After the first inspection, the problem is dealt with promptly. If the normal pressure to continue the rated working pressure of 1.25Mpa, second examination; without exception, it will continue to be pressurized to test pressure of 1.65Mpa (1.25Mpa+0.4Mpa, =1.65Mpa) for 20 minutes, reduced to working pressure to conduct a comprehensive inspection, during the period of pressure remained unchanged, no water and water mist compression element and weld metal wall, no visible the residual deformation that the water pressure test. Only after the test is qualified of the insulation that be carried out.

2. After the test, the flange joint blind plate is removed, and the pressure gauge is installed back to the original position.

11.Debugging of electrical control instrument

1.Checking whether the line voltage meets the requirements, whether the normal position switch.

2.Adjust the control system to "manual" position, start the water pump and checking whether the burner is correct .

3. Ignition program and flameout protection device is sensitive and reliable.

4.checking whether the normal boiler valves and instruments etc.

12.Commissioning, general commissioning, operation acceptance

1. The normal debugging and commissioning qualified, submitted to the Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision Department of boiler, boiler and pressure vessel inspection, local technical supervision departments and construction units and the company sent inspectors, responsible for the overall installation of boiler with approval.

A.  ensuring the following project installation quality, general acceptance:
B. all valves open and close without leakage;
C. pressure gauge, thermometer indicates clearly and accurately;
D. pressure controller and alarm system is sensitive, safe and reliable;
E. blowdown system is unblocked, safe and free from vibration;
F. fan, water pump, combustion system in normal operation;
G. electrical equipment, accurate, safe and reliable.

3, The overall acceptance of the components and ancillary equipment to observe carefully check, make a detailed record; after acceptance, all technical data into "truthfully fill out the installation quality certificate", representatives of the relevant units signed in the overall debugging and acceptance.

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