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The operation and maintenance personnel training work should be synchronized with the project construction, the implementation of each training phase should be appropriate ahead of the project construction schedule. Standardize training content to ensure the standard work. Before the unit trial running, all centralized control operators must carry out the simulation training of the same type control system, and the master value and above personnel must obtain the training certificate of simulator. The on-site installation and commissioning training starts from the unit test run. Under the command and supervision of the commissioning unit.The operators are responsible for the inspection and operation of the unit equipment, and participate in the signing and acceptance work of the equipment trial run.
 In the trial operation in the process of strengthening the operating personnel to manually adjust the manual operation and the ability of practice. Operators participate in the operation rules, operation standards, rules and regulations and system diagram drawing, improve professional knowledge and skills level. Unit operation, continue to carry out the operation personnel training, through the anti accident exercise, question answering and accident case analysis, simulation exercises and skills competitions, and constantly improve the operator's practical skills. Operating personnel, maintenance personnel to achieve the "three ripe" and "three".
 First, the operation of "three cooked" is
(1) familiar with the equipment system and basic principles
(2) familiar with operation and accident processing
(3) familiar with the rules and regulations of the post
 Two, overhaul "three cooked" is
(1) familiar with the equipment system and basic principles
(2) familiar with the repair process, quality and operation knowledge
(3) familiar with the position of the rules and regulations
 Run the "three" is
(1) having the ability to correct operation and Analysis on operation condition
(2)  The timely detection of faults and troubleshooting ability
(3) Ability to grasp the general maintenance skills
 The maintenance of the three is
(1) reading simple drawings and processing map
(2) grasping the general performance of locksmith technology and materials
(3) This type of equipment maintenance and troubleshooting.
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