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Circulating fluidized bed boiler

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-01-06      Origin: Site

 Circulating fluidized bed boilers are the most industrially clean coal combustion technologies. Circulating fluidized bed boilers using fluidized combustion, the main structure, including the combustion chamber (including the dense zone and dilute phase zone) and the cycle of recovery (including high temperature gas-solid separator and return system) in two parts. The biggest difference with the bubbling fluidized bed combustion technology is the high operating wind speed, which enhances the heterogeneous reaction process such as combustion and desulfurization. The boiler capacity can be expanded to the large capacity (600MW or above) acceptable in the power industry. At present, The bed boiler has solved the basic problems of heat, mechanics, material science and other engineering problems such as expansion, abrasion and over-temperature, and has become a flame retardant solid fuel (such as coal gangue, oil shale, municipal waste, sludge and other waste Advanced technology for energy use.

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