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Circulating fluidized bed cold start

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-01-08      Origin: Site

Cold state furnace (only for fluidized bed, the company is 180t / h, only for reference)

1 Check coal feeder, the fan is normal, whether the electric valve has been sent.

2. Start the induced draft fan, the current stability is normal, open the bezel opening is one hundred percent. (High voltage switchgear (start), induced draft fan (start)) ★ Collection header hydrophobic full, wall (front left and right) superheater full open, empty row full open ★

3. Start a fan, the current stabilized, open the bezel opening is one hundred percent. (High voltage switchgear (start), a machine (start)) and then adjusted to a minimum fluidized air volume 30,000. (Ignition damper 100%, the mainstream of the throttle 15%. Symmetrical about)

4. Start the ignition, open the return valve, start the fire pump, adjust the valve opening, see the oil pressure rose to 1.5Mpa. Open the scene (atomization valve) to purge, oil gun into, ignition, to see the flame.

5. Start rewind fan, start rewind fan, pay attention to the negative pressure and the material layer pressure (need to add a wind) (turn off the wall superheater hydrophobic)

6. Control the temperature rise speed, you can control the temperature rise speed by the oil pressure and air volume. Pressure 0-0.15Mpa flush water level gauge, open dosing valve, close the top air valve, inform the thermal processing equipment pipeline.

7. Pressure 0.2-0.3Mpa regular sewage once.

8. Pressure 0.3-0.4Mpa machine repair heat bolts.

9. Pressure 3.0Mpa above, scheduled once, open the row to adjust the valve opening thirty percent to forty. Open each sample once the valve. After the sampling of water, to be boiled water before the pressure increase.

10. Bed temperature rose to 400 ℃ before the intermittent (pulse) to the coal, to the amount of coal (1.5-2t between) to observe the amount of oxygen and the bed temperature has changed, the temperature rise too fast can reduce oil pressure, if the temperature rise Too slow, can increase the oil pressure, plus a wind, stop the fan back to stop (return fan expected to pay attention to the amount of coal, starting (depending on the material is determined to be less than 7.3 to 8.2 stop repeating three times the bed temperature 650 ℃ before Has been open), prone to deflagration (deflagration negative fluctuations in the volatility of 1000 up and down fluctuations, bed temperature rapid increase up to 1000 ℃)))

11. bed temperature up to 800 ℃ withdrawable gun, slowly open the mainstream throttle around until the fully open state, while increasing coal to 2.8-3t per coal feeder to maintain bed temperature, while watching the screen after a Decrease the temperature of more than 400 ℃ into the water (1-2t stable between the line), while paying attention to the water level. (Collection header full hydrophobic, empty row fully open) According to the material layer differential pressure can open the slag cooler slag, pay attention to the temperature changes of the water, if no residue required poke residue.

12. Main steam temperature 500 ℃, 9Mpa pressure with the furnace conditions. Pressure lower than the main steam pressure 0.05-0.1Mpa, temperature 500 stable. Water level -30mm. Combustion stability and furnace preparation. According to the amount of oxygen to start the secondary fan to supplement the combustion load (start the secondary fan, you must first turn on the cooling fan followed by a fan induced draft fan).

13. Close hydrophobic and empty row.

14. Furnace outlet temperature above 800, into the denitrification system, the exhaust temperature of 100 or more into the bag blowing system ash system.

15 pressure and temperature to meet the steam turbine requirements, and the end of the furnace.

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