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First, the circulating fluidized bed boiler and chain boiler economic benefits comparison

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-11-06      Origin: Site

1, coal and coal prices

As a non-renewable resource of coal, continuous exploitation of mankind means that its price will continue to rise, and our country is a country that uses coal as the main energy source. Therefore, the utilization rate of coal is of great significance to the long-term development of our national economy. Taking Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang as an example, coal prices for chain boilers are generally 700 yuan / ton, and their calorific value is 5500 kcal / kg. However, the price of poor quality coal is relatively much lower, Generally 180 yuan / ton, the calorific value of 2000 kcal / kg. Accounting heat can be found, a lot cheaper coal inferior. Circulating fluidized bed boiler is known to burn inferior coal furnace.

2, operating efficiency

According to the statistics of relevant departments, the thermal efficiency of the existing industrial chain boilers in operation in China is 65%, which is an extremely low thermal efficiency. That is to say, 35% of the fuel cost invested by the enterprises as waste treatment is very great Waste, increasing the operating costs of enterprises.

Circulating fluidized bed boiler thermal efficiency up to 91%, small and medium sized circulating fluidized bed boiler thermal efficiency is generally 85%, the thermal efficiency of 20% higher than the chain of boilers, the conservative estimate is also 15% higher, that is to say the use of circulating boilers from Thermal efficiency can save fuel costs by more than 15%.

On the other hand, circulating fluidized bed boilers can be combusted with low-cost, low-quality coal, but also can reduce the cost of a piece, the following examples.

3, example description

Linyi City, Shandong Province, a monosodium glutamate production company, the use of 20 t / h circulating fluidized bed boiler has been a significant economic benefits, the chairman of Mr. Zheng proudly took us to visit his boiler shop, coal yard and ash yard, he Under the general financial crisis in the United States, the leading company not only failed to perform poorly, but also added good opportunities because it produced more than 100 yuan per gram of MSG at a price of 200 yuan lower than its peer-brother enterprises. Why ? How to reduce the cost of only one answer: to reduce energy costs and improve boiler combustion efficiency Detailed accounts are as follows: the use of chain boilers to burn 700 yuan / ton of bituminous coal, the calorific value of about 5500 kcal / kg, and the use of circulation The bed boiler can be 80 yuan / ton of coal gangue (more than 1,000 calories) and bituminous coal mixed to 2400 kcal / kg, so that the cost of fuel is reduced to 40% of the original, and the circulating fluidized bed boiler discharge ash has good Activity, the daily discharge of ash can be bought around 3600 yuan.

Second, the environmental benefits of circulating fluidized bed boiler

1, low temperature combustion, low NOx emissions

Circulating fluidized bed boiler combustion temperature below 950 ℃, are low-temperature combustion, in this temperature range

Nitrogen oxides are not easily generated, which is one of the important differences from other combustion boilers, which means that low NO x emissions can be achieved without any additional equipment and operating costs.

2, furnace desulfurization

In the burning of high-sulfur coal and the need for desulfurization, the use of dolomite wastes can be crushed to 0-4mm minced, with the coal into the furnace, the fluidized bed-specific combustion can be a substantial reduction in calcium / S = 2 The flue gas SO2, desulfurization efficiency can be> 80%, only increase the cost per ton of coal costs.

3, full combustion Ringerman blackness up to standard

Often there is a chain of carbon-fired boiler emissions along with the flue gas, often resulting in poor Ringelmann blackness standards, resulting in pollution. The circulating fluidized bed boiler coal combustion fully, after the dust removal and Clinchman blackness compliance.

Third, the technical advantages of the outer circulating fluidized bed boiler

Shown in Figure 

1, the furnace outside the loop separation efficiency than other furnaces

Highly efficient cyclone separators deliver efficiencies up to 99% higher than other forms of CFB boilers, and higher separation efficiency means more unburnt particles are returned to the furnace for further combustion, resulting in higher Combustion efficiency in turn increases the overall thermal efficiency of the boiler. And according to the needs of coal design wide adaptability cyclone.

2, large load regulation, external circulation fluidized bed boiler bed is small, and with two levels of air, so you can get better load regulation ratio, not less than 25% of rated load can be stable operation, Without reducing the combustion efficiency.

3, there is no buried pipe furnace, there is no buried pipe wear, dense phase zone furnace without heating surface, perennial operation, so you can suppress the fire for a long time.

4,The furnace area is small, ignition is easy, and the pressure is increased rapidly. It is convenient and economical to ignite fuel (such as firewood, charcoal and corn cob).

5, bed ignition can be installed according to user needs programmable ignition device.

6, the external circulating fluidized bed boiler has no rotating (moving) components, so there is less need for maintenance, the fireman's labor intensity is small, and the working environment is good.

7, the boiler fan, pump and coal feeder can be installed inverter, in the case of low load to avoid waste of energy, saving power consumption.

8, can achieve computer control (DCS), according to user needs control system can be made into advanced computer control, to achieve "use the mouse and keyboard to burn the boiler."

Fourth, the conclusion and outlook

As an efficient, energy-saving and low-pollution furnace for coal-fired industrial boilers, external circulating fluidized bed boilers should be widely promoted among the large and medium-sized enterprises to further improve energy efficiency and reduce pollutant emissions in China. As the earliest small and medium sized circulating fluidized bed boiler manufacturer, we (Henan Kaifeng SWET Boiler Co., Ltd.) a long way to go, will promote national industrial development, improve energy efficiency and reduce pollutant emissions to make greater efforts.

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