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LNG point for the industry status quo and prospects

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-01-06      Origin: Site

LNG point for the industry status quo and prospects


 1. China's LNG industry status quo

China's LNG resources come mainly from the inland LNG factory production and the introduction of coastal LNG receiving station. In recent years, China's LNG production capacity construction has been accelerated. As of the end of December 2016, a total of 149 LNG factories have been put into operation nationwide (Figure 1) with a capacity of 9 220 × 104m3 / d (about 304 × 108m3 / a) and 19 LNG Factory under construction, if all put into operation, the total liquefaction capacity will reach 1.06 × 108m3 / d (about 350 × 108m3 / a). In addition, a total of 13 LNG receiving stations have been put into operation throughout the country, with a receiving capacity of 5 130 × 104 t / a (about 718 × 108 m3 / a), 10 under construction and "receiving station" receiving stations, The total receiving capacity will reach 7 940 × 104 t / a (about 1 112 × 108m3 / a)

Although the upstream capacity building is in full swing, since 2014, the domestic economic downturn and the precipitous decline of international crude oil prices have brought a huge impact on the natural gas market. As a result, the LNG industry is gradually showing a situation of oversupply. Terminal services, especially in the area of motor vehicles and vessels The development slowed down obviously. The most notable feature is the LNG plant load rate from the highest when about 60% down to 40%, LNG market consumption average annual growth rate from the highest 70% to less than 30% of the current. At the same time, domestic non-resident valve prices also began to cut, LNG factory ex-works prices and LNG terminal truck tanker prices have dropped, with the pipeline gas price difference narrowing, some areas can even compete with each other. For example, the lowest ex-factory price of inland factories is 2,280 yuan / t (about 1.63 yuan / m3) and the lowest wholesale price of coastal LNG receiving stations is 2,690 yuan / t (about 1.92 yuan / m3) 2.18 yuan / m3 pipeline gas benchmark door station price is almost the same or slightly higher.

In terms of policies, affected by several fogs and fogs nationwide, the state has continuously strengthened its efforts in air pollution control and successively promulgated the "coal to gas" policy from the central government to local governments to promote the "coal to gas" projects in all regions to develop more rapidly Table 1). In this environment, for economic and environmental considerations, the terminal companies have to consider the boiler "coal to gas." However, LNG POUs are favored due to their advantages of small investment, short cycle and flexible prices. They have shown explosive growth in recent two years, especially in the provinces of Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Larger market potential.

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