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Pulverized coal stove

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-01-25      Origin: Site

 1.Pre-pulverized coal into fine coal, the contact surface area with the air greatly increased, so that the combustion intensified. Pulverized coal furnace temperature is also high, therefore, in addition to poor quality coal, all kinds of coal can be effectively burned in the pulverized coal furnace, and combustion more complete, combustion efficiency is relatively high, about 88% 93%. It can be fully mechanized and automated. Pulverized coal combustion is almost the burning of all large coal-fired boilers.

Pulverized coal furnace combustion equipment mainly furnace, burners, ignition devices and other components. The pulverized coal is transported by the primary air into the furnace through the burner, and the secondary air is introduced into the furnace through the secondary air duct of the burner or the secondary tuyere.

   2. Pulverized coal and air mixture into the furnace, after preheating, drying, volatile analysis of the process, at a distance from the burner exit began to fire, burning. Pulverized coal after burnout formed, of which a small portion of coarse particles of ash to form ash, fall into the cold ash bucket, cooled into solid ash, regularly or continuously to be ruled out; most of the smaller particles of ash It is taken away by flue gas, usually called this part of gray ash.

   3. Pulverized coal stays in the furnace for a short time, only 1-2s. In such a short period of time to ensure that the pulverized coal combustion in the furnace, we must strengthen the combustion, supply the amount of primary and secondary air to shorten the preparation phase of combustion and create good combustion conditions. The primary role of a pulverized coal stove is to transport the pulverized coal to the hearth and ensure the ignition of the volatile components. The role of the secondary air, first, to add air volume; the second is to mix coal and air evenly, to ensure complete fuel combustion. 

 4.Therefore, in operation, it is necessary to properly adjust the ratio of primary and secondary air and mixing time to ensure reliable and safe boiler operation

Its hearth is a large space surrounded by a water-cooled fireplace wall. Pulverized pulverized coal (particle diameter about 0.05-0.1mm) and air are mixed with the burner and injected into the furnace for combustion. Pulverized coal combustion points before the fire preparation phase, combustion phase and burn-out phase. Corresponding to this, the hearth can also be divided into three areas: burner near the ignition zone, the outlet above the combustion zone, the upper combustion zone until the furnace outlet for the burnout zone. 

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