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Safety measures to be done after the boiler is turned off

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-05-08      Origin: Site

1 Continue to ventilate for 5 minutes. Exclude combustibles that may remain in the combustion chamber and the flue. Then close the dampers and stop sending and drawing the fan to prevent the vapor pressure from falling too fast due to cooling.

2 Reserve one or two bypass or turn off the first-stage bypass and reheater to exhaust air after flameout, and close it after 10 minutes to keep the superheater and reheater from overheating.

3 After stopping the furnace, the pressure reducing rate of the boiler shall be strictly controlled, natural pressure relief shall be adopted (ie, self-depressurizing with cooling after shutdown), and it is forbidden to use pressure relief methods such as opening to air exhaust. So as not to damage the device.

4 After the boiler is shut down, when the boiler is still under pressure and the auxiliary machine is left with power, no monitoring of the boiler unit is allowed.

5 In order to prevent internal corrosion of the heating surface of the boiler, the furnace shutdown protection should be completed as required after shutdown.

6 In the winter shutdown, the antifreeze of the equipment should also be done.

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