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Secret: Foreign Trade Station letter processing skills

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-01-10      Origin: Site

Secret: Foreign Trade Station letter processing skills

1. Station letter type distinction

Real demand type: We can classify this customer as the key customer, reply as soon as possible, if the customer's reply is more frequent, you can reply daily; (Wholesale repurchase type: wholesale customer's information is given priority.Catch a wholesale repeat customer, Will bring a lot of sales of stable repurchase, we should put more energy on the wholesale order, win the wholesale order.

Ready to enter the market: Guests generally do not know the product in particular, we can ask the customer's market positioning, and then recommend to the guests the right product;

Information Collection: There is a fixed supplier, but in order to collect more information. Such customers are our potential buyers; ask for sample types: they are pure samples, not much sincerity, we just collect the sample fee or courier fee, the other gave up;

Stealing intelligence type: the other is very professional, the indicators of the product are very clear, we can deal with this.

2. different regions within the letter reply time

Asia: almost no time difference will immediately reply;

India: reply before 11 am

Middle East: Reply before 1 pm

Europe: usually 2-3 o'clock in the afternoon. Guests can see before work;

Americas, Latin America: The general reply before afternoon get off work on it.

3. Station letter reply guidelines

Truth be answered, Customers ask about the product's related functions, that is know, do not know is do not know, do not know that uncertainty, once you say you can support, the result can not be bought back, the dispute back the entire section, outweigh the benefits.

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