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The hazard of furnace coking

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-05-07      Origin: Site

The hazard of furnace coking

Furnace coking produces the following hazards:

(l) Caused high steam temperatures. When the coke oven is coked in a large area, the heat absorption capacity of the water wall is greatly reduced, the temperature of the flue gas at the outlet of the furnace is high, and the heat transfer of the superheater is strengthened, resulting in a high temperature of the superheated steam and over-temperature of the wall.

(2) Destroy the water cycle. After the furnace is partially coked, the amount of heat absorbed by the water cooling wall of the coking area decreases, and the circulating water speed decreases. When severe, it will cause the circulation to stagnate and cause the water wall to burst.

(3) Increase the smoke heat loss. As coking increases the outlet temperature of the furnace, the exhaust temperature increases, which increases the heat loss of the exhaust gas and reduces the efficiency of the boiler.

(4) Severe coking will also result in a reduction in boiler output, and even forced shutdown of the furnace for decoking.

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