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WNS4.2 MW gas oil hot water boiler

WNS series automatic fuel (gas) horizontal hot water boiler (utility model patent) adopts horizontal three-way wet back structure, which improves the boiler operating environment and improves the boiler combustion efficiency and service life.

The entire flue gas passage of the boiler is placed in the water, with a hot water tank in the tail and a well-designed thermal insulation outsourcing design. The smoke box seal adopts a labyrinth structure to avoid the occurrence of smoke leakage in the smoke box.
  • WNS4.2

  • SWET

  • WNS4.2

  • 4.2MW

  • 0.7/1.0/1.25 mpa

  • 95/115/130 ℃

  • 25 ℃

  • 96.57 %

  • 619.2 Nm³/h

  • WNS5.6

  • natural gas,diesel,heavy oil

  • 5950*2556*3120 (mm)

  • Customer requirements

   1. The main body is a three-way pyrotechnic tube structure with a full-wet, back-back flow in the shell. The flame is combusted in a large combustion chamber with a slight positive pressure to fully expand and the combustion heat load is low. NOx emissions from hazardous substances are low.
   2. waveform furnace and thread tobacco structure, both to improve the strength, but also to meet the needs of various parts of the thermal expansion.
   3. The main welds are welded using butt joints and are free from damage detection by X-rays and ultrasonics to ensure that the welding quality meets the national requirements.
   4. boiler water capacity, ability to adapt to load. A well-designed pot device ensures that the steam rate is less than 4% and meets the higher steam quality requirements of users.
   5. It adopts a new type of heat insulation material, which has light weight, low heat loss, and good heat insulation performance.
   6, water level alarm using stainless steel electrode rod, PTFE for insulation material. Inserted from above, it is not easy to hang dirt, reliable performance and long service life.
   7. front and rear smoke boxes for hinge connection, can be easily opened, maintenance and convenient and quick.
   8. Oxygen content adjustment (optional): The system can successfully detect the oxygen content in the flue gas, and transmit the data to the control system in real time. Through intelligent computer analysis, the proportion of combustion equipment is automatically adjusted to make it real-time. Being in the best working condition, the combustion efficiency is greatly improved, which can greatly reduce the fuel consumption.

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10, automatic control level lead
Model Unit WNS4.2
Rated capacity MW 4.2
Working pressure Mpa 0.7(1.0)(1.25)
Steam temperature 95115)(130
Feed temperature 70
Testing efficiency 96.44
Diesel consumption   Kg/h 399.61 
 Gas consumption  Nm³/h 456.7
Outline dimension mm(L*W*H) 5200*2605*2910

WNS horizontal automatic fuel steam boiler is mainly used for:

  1.  Aquaculture, animal husbandry, planting, seed plant, livestock slaughterhouse; chemical industry fertilizer plant, oil refinery, feed mill, coating plant, plastic factory, glass factory , glass factories, sulfuric acid plants; manufacturing paper mills, textile mills, milk factories, wineries, food factories, shoe factories, ceramics factories, furniture factories, tire factories, cigarette factories, mat factories, chopsticks factories, printing plants , tape factory, hardware factory, floor factory, cabinet factory, wooden door factory; bath center, hotel, school and so on.

 2. Its role: heating, insulation, drying, heating, smelting, supply production, disinfection, sterilization, curing, hot water supply.

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