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WNS6-1.25-Y、Q Horizontal internal combustion Oil、Gas steam boiler

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1.Product structure specification

   This series of boiler structure is the fast loading horizontal internal combustion three return wet back type fire tube. The post layout corrugated furnace, heating surface of center symmetry. Shell and tube plate, the furnace and the wet smoke box tube plates are made of the butt weld; To inhibit the formation of NOx, with lower level of furnace volume heat load.

Three pressure controllers are installed on the boiler, and the automatic water supply and overpressure shutdown protection are realized through the computer control system. In addition, two safety valves can be used to relieve pressure

A human hole and three hand holes are set on the boiler body, and an explosion proof door is set up to inspect, fire and prevent explosion, which is convenient for inspection and cleaning

The front and rear smoke boxes of the boiler are equipped with the left and right smoke box door, which is convenient for checking and cleaning the smoke pipe

With special outer packing design, the boiler appearance is clean and beautiful.

This type of boiler adopts computer controller, real-time monitoring of the boiler operation, and can carry out the intelligent identification and real-time processing of the fault, the controller uses the modular design thought the most popular, the control system is simple, reliable, high intelligence; selection of imported industrial grade international brand-name components, stable performance and safety.

2.Combustion processes

The boiler is equipped with imported brand-name burner, depending on the different fuel burner, with wide adaptability. The type of burner using Black & Decker, they are the main pipe fittings such as fast valve, filter, pressure regulating valve, leak detection device also imported a full set, stable and reliable performance. Light oil burner. The gas is filtered using Black & Decker, after pressure adjustment by burner into corrugated furnace diffusion combustion; fuel atomization after the burner into the corrugated furnace for combustion. The high temperature flue gas in the furnace and the combustion chamber of the radiation heat transfer, and then washed second and third return convection tubes after entering the smoke box, and then after the energy-saving device. The chimney into the atmosphere.

3.Technical features


(1) The boiler uses light oil and natural gas as the design fuel, and also can burn city gas or liquefied petroleum gas. The fuel has wide adaptability, high efficiency and energy saving and low operation cost.

     (2) the main body of the boiler adopts the wet back structure of the whole butt welding seam, and the full waveform furnace is arranged in the low position. The boiler structure has good elasticity and thermal flexibility, and it is safe and reliable.

     (3) Using 80mm thick aluminum silicate fiber as insulation layer, light weight, good insulation effect, small loss of heat dissipation.

    (4) Boiler computer control, high degree of automation, all kinds of safety protection device is complete, simple operation, safe and reliable operation.

     (5) The boiler automation instrument and auxiliary equipment are reasonable, advanced and reliable.

     (6) the resistance of the boiler body is small, the operation is smooth, the power consumption is saved and the noise is low.

     (7) The quick loading type integral structure has the advantages of small size, compact structure and convenient installation.

     (8) There is no smoke and dust in the boiler emission, the concentration of SO2 and NOx emission is very low, and the environmental protection benefit is remarkable.


 Design Basis

1、TGS G0001-2012Boiler safety technical supervision regulation

2TGS G0002-2010Regulation of boiler energy saving technical supervision

3NB/T47034-2013Technical condition of industrial boiler

4GB/T16508.116508.8-2013shell type boilers

5JB/T1615-1991Technical conditions of boiler paint and package

6GB/T1576-2008Water quality for industrial boilers

Main specifications and design parameters of boilers


1Boiler Code


1.Rated Capacity                      6 t/h

2.Nominal working pressure            1.25 MPa

3.nominal steam temperature           193.3 ℃

4.Feed Temperature                   20 ℃

5.Design Efficiency          light oil:    95.14%    Natural Gas95.25%

6.Design fuel                          Light oil, natural gas

7Exhaust gas temperature               119.2℃/119℃

8Water capacity of the boiler             10.24m3

9.  Excess air coefficient at exhaust          1.05

10. Heavy cargo weight                    15931 kg

11. Total power consumption               29kw

12. Large boiler transportation dimension    5430×2460×2950 (mm)

13. Furnace volume heat release rate, heat liberation rate in furnace

                                   2019kw/m³/2013.4 kw/m³

14.Blowdown rate                        5%

2Design fuel requirements

Light oil Cy=85.55%Hy=13.49%Oy=0.66%Ny=0.04%Sy=0.25%Wy=0%Ay=0.01%Vr=0%Qnet,ar=42.92MJ/Kg.

Natural gasN2=1%  CH4=98%  C3H8=0.3%  C4H10=0.3%  C3H6=0.4%  WW=0.3%  Qnet,ar =36.59 MJ/Nm3  

3Working range of safe and stable operation of boiler

 Rated evaporation 80%-100%, the maximum working pressure is not more than 1.25MPa, the maximum operating temperature is not more than 193.3 degrees Celsius.


Safety valve, auxiliary equipment and control instructions (auxiliary power consumption 29KW)

The boiler is equipped with safety valve A48Y-16C two (DN65). The water pump uses frequency conversion technology to achieve automatic continuous water supply. In order to effectively monitor and control the water level and pressure of the boiler is equipped with a water gauge, a water level controller and a water level alarm, has a low water level alarm, the low water level alarm and safety interlock protection device, at the same time equipped with a safety valve and pressure gauge, overpressure alarm and protection function.

The boiler has high, low water level alarm and low water level interlock protection, steam overpressure alarm and chain protection function, its setting value according to the product provided by the boiler protection device setting value and valve meter diagram to set, in order to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

Auxiliary equipment specification (auxiliary power 29KW)



Fired oilBiade

Backpressure :2100Pa

Quantity of fuel:  206~548kg/h;

Power:  2430~6500kW

Generator:  3~380V; N=21.5kW

Fired oilBaide


Quantity of fuel:  130~650m/h;

Power:  1300~6500kW

Generator:  3~380V; N=18.5kW



Rate of flow 8 m3

Rate of flow144 m

Power7.5 kW


The burner can choose other brands, but it should be based on the TSG ZB001-2008< fuel (gas) burner safety technology rules requirements, test, and obtain the type test certificate, it can be put into use. The boiler burner shall be responsible for matching by boiler manufacturing enterprises, special circumstances required by the boiler business matching, the use of units should be configuration requirements confirm burner matching in accordance with the provisions of the boiler manufacturing enterprise. Burner boiler installation BPVI shall select for verification.



Burner type selection parameter table


Fuel type


Back pressure overcome



Length of flame


Flame diameter


Flame angle


Oil supply (gas) diameter


Oil supply (gas) pressure


Light oil















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